Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: To No One Real

"I’m going to write a pro-monarchy story. If the Rolling Stones can do 'Sympathy for the Devil,' surely I can find some redeeming things about a king. You all are against everything. You quote Winston Churchill saying democracy is the worst except for all the others and pretend he didn’t think it was a vital tool in bettering the world. I’ll be radical. The thing I’ll be against is you, and in doing so I’ll be for everything else. I’ll support the Catholic Church, try to understand the Bush Administration, and when I’m done I’m going to eat a big amoral steak. I’m not going to call 9/11 conspiracy theorists and Global Warming skeptics 'idiots' just so I can comfortably disregard them. I’m going to talk to them. How can you enjoy Hannibal Lecter and then argue against the merits of the Dalai Llama? That is what you seem to like in your make-believe – intellectual murderers, morally vapid assholes packing heat and drugs. You’re so disingenuous that you need fictional bad people to cheer while you slander the real inaccurately. I see this stand is hypocritical, to admit nothing good in you when scouring for the good in everyone else. When I’ve written of tyrants and gang bangers, when I understand the NRA and the Black Panthers, I’ll come for you. I’ll know you by the end, in your depths and all your shallows, and I’ll bring you to life with this pen. I have to, because you’re the last thing that’s killing us all."

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  1. Wow. I think I may have just read a piece of genius.



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