Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Have You Seen My Big RAQ?

My birthday is next Friday. That gives everyone plenty of time to take a look at my big RAQ.

Rarely Asked Questions is my birthday tradition. Until the evening of September 3rd, I'm requesting everyone leave questions they don't normally ask anyone. Want to ask about me? You can do that, but you can also ask:

"What's the boiling point of Tungsten?"

"What does my mother's snore remind you of?"

"If he wants to avoid the conductor and skip the fare, what is the best time for a Wendigo to hop the Baltimore light rail?"

Anything you never ask, and the more outlandish the better. I'll compile them and answer at least one question per person on September 4th - my birthday. That's how I celebrate. With my big RAQ.

Please leave your mysteries and queries in the Comments section of this post.
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