Thursday, January 14, 2016

Most Anticipated Books (and other things) for 2016

Hello, January! What a nice year you've brought behind you. Today I want to share the books I'm most looking forward to this year. Like every year there will be huge surprises, but there's already outrageous promise for what we can read. I've added a couple of games and movies to the end, because anticipation isn't reserved just for writing. But damned if I won't be unreachable the week Children of Earth and Sky releases.

The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster
(Right Now,

The first book on my list is actually releasing this week! One of's hot novellas, The Drowning Eyes is a tale of the high seas, and the people that control the wind behind your sails. Wind mages are a great idea for pirate stories. Their power stopped raiders for years, but that magic has been stolen, forcing an intrepid captain to risk her ship and crew to get it back.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Realistic Spider-Man?

So yesterday the Russo Brothers did an interview about how "grounded" and "realistic" their approach to Spider-Man would be. I couldn't help offering some tips on how a realistic Spidey story would go.

  • A realistic Spider-Man? So, a kid is bitten by a spider, gets no powers, and struggles with poverty?
  • His widow aunt can't afford their bills, so Peter gets a second job. They're evicted anyway.
  • Peter photographs himself as an elusive vigilante. Daily Bugle won't call him back and he winds up with three reblogs.
  • Mary Jane swipes left.
  • Rich evil Norman Osborn dons a goblin mask and terrorizes the city. Pundits wonder when he'll run for president.

  • While Peter is at a wrestling show, his uncle is shot. Naturally he blames poor standard of living and NRA lobbyists.
  • Boy genius Peter develops liquid steel webbing technology. A troll swoops his patent and sues him.
  • Doctor Octopus is a Podcatcher knock-off app that fills Peter's phone with malware.
  • A sexy cat burglar is tearing up the city. Peter, who has crushing debt and no powers, never meets her. The end.
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