Wednesday, November 25, 2020

"8-Bit Free Will" is live at PodCastle!

I've got a Thanksgiving present for you, everybody! Today PodCastle published a brand new story of mine: 8-Bit Free Will.

This is a story about monsters, and companions, and monster companions. Hollow Knight and HealBlob are two generic monsters in a dungeon in a videogame, designed to be easily killed off by the player. They were designed to work together to be a tiny challenge. They weren't designed to win, but they've killed the player by accident and started leveling up themselves. Suddenly they're on the run from greater monsters in their world, and from other players who want to take them down. The two buddy monsters don't know they are yet, but once they find free will out there in the world, they'll define themselves. Each just wants to help save the other. It's a journey that defines why we love games: because we share them with someone else.

The story has a lovely intro by host Matt Dovey, and a generous and moving outro by narrator Wilson Fowlie.

You can read or listen to the entire story for free just by clicking this link.

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