Monday, March 3, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Love, Loathing and Odds

“Fine!” exclaimed the God of Love. “We’ll settle this universe on fair chance. Do you want evens or odds?”

“I always want odds,” said the hunk of eyeballs that served at the God of Loathing’s avatar. It would have rubbed its hands together in evil glee if it had them in the first place.

The God of Love held the dice up in his glowing palm.

“Odds and you get to end this universe however you like. But if it’s even, it gets a fair chance. Agreed?”

The hunk of eyeballs nodded.

“Agreed. To chance!”

“To chance,” echoed the God of Love, and he rolled.

“We’ll see about that,” muttered the God of Dice.

1 comment:

  1. I swear, some days I wonder where you get the clever. Do you buy it on some vast discount sale somewhere Einstein shopped for genius?
    Why, in all the forms of the high-stakes game of dice among gods or mortals, did it never occur to me to wonder what the god of dice thought of all this?
    Especially when we gamers worship that god so often?


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