Friday, July 4, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Love is…

-How the patriot feels for his country, how the zealot feels for his religion, how the sky feels for the ocean.
-Believing this is the last black eye.
-Legally blind; it can make out shapes, but shouldn’t drive.
-A chemical reaction.
-The best biological interface with this world.
-Peace with a part of the external world when you haven’t even achieved internal peace yet. Progress, it seems, is possible. Thank God.
-“Miracle. A miracle. That’s so obvious it doesn’t need to go on the list.”
-A faulty mating mechanism.
-When you don’t have to ask if she’ll come to know she’ll be there. Keep this in check. It could become trouble. Love has many crossovers with “stalking” and “just being annoying.”
-The most worthwhile thing that will ever hurt you.
-The only brand of submission that comes in the “victory” flavor.
-Accessorized self-help.
-Never having to say you’re sorry but always wanting to because you care that so much you pay attention to things you previously didn’t know existed. No question, it expands the consciousness.
-“Life’s search for the meaning of life. What a great idea.”


  1. Wonderfully said!

  2. I'm curious which one you think was well said. The voices tend to disagree with each other.

    Winky emoticon here...

  3. I think they're all well said, even if some disagree with each other.

  4. Well then, I appreciate your compliments towards my well-spoken confusion!

  5. Here you have real humor, black humor, cynical humor, quirky cleverness, interesting commentary and deep insight, all intermixed. "Legally blind" made me laugh hard. "How the sky feels for the ocean" is quite beautiful. "The only brand of submission" made me cheer, and the one above it really struck home.

    You can be very wise, you know that?

  6. I really appreciate that, Jemma. It's good to know some of this writing means things to people.


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