Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Petri Dish Sister

I'm sorry, she's never heard of your home country. My sister has all the culture of a Petri dish. That is to say, she's entirely made up of culture, but doesn't know what it is and has no idea there are others outside her circle of plastic. She's also like a Petri dish in that her culture's rather disgusting and probably bad for you: top seventeen things you didn’t know your lover wanted; reality television about real wives and desert islands. But she's got a heart of gold. You won't find one of those in a Petri dish. She means well. When she says what you just ordered is gross, she’s not insulting five hundred years of your country’s culinary culture. She’s just worried for your health.


  1. Ah, you know MY sister? This made my belly ache from laughter... needed that velly much. So happy to 'see' you back. Peace, Linda

  2. Glad you two liked it, and a little scared you two appear to be related to her. This is not based on my sister, who loves reality television, but actually works with Petri dishes.

  3. :o)

    haha culture of a petri dish, brilliant!!!!

    I do love me some reality TV and some bacteria cultures!! ;o)


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