Monday, November 16, 2009

Islamic Gorgon

She fussed with the shawl, but one or two snakes poked out regardless of what she did. They got so uncomfortable under there.

“But it’s better than the alternative,” she told the little dryad boy sitting next to her. “I’m not a very religious woman, but the head covering attracted me. Far fewer cases of petrifaction this way.”

“Oh,” said the little dryad boy. “But aren’t they mean to girls?”

“Stereotypes are dangerous at your age.”


“It’s okay. Honestly, I’ve had more trouble with monster hunters than fundamentalists. In both cases, though, my stoning beats theirs.”

The boy couldn’t tell because of the shawl, but he thought she winked. Then the train started.


  1. john, you never fail to entertain me with your work.

    i've linked you on my writing blog, i hope that is okay.

  2. Of course it's fine! I'm flattered that people want to link to my work. Glad I entertained!


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