Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Ma Newer's Television Set ®

Ma Newer's Television Set ® is an entertainment experience like no other. You can plug it into standard definition, high definition, BluRay or your computer, but you cannot plug it into the wall. Ma Newer’s is the world's first totally Green television, all power for the set is generated in the three wheels, placed stylishly about the screen. These are similar in design to the exercise wheels placed in mouse cages, but no mere rodents could power this home theatre experience. Instead each wheel comes with a three-year-old child. Any mother can attest that a three-year-old on a little sugar runs like no other power source on earth. The children come pre-installed, pre-gagged and pre-bound to their wheels. You never have to worry about them. A small charge is reserved at the core of the set, such that if any of the wheels slows even a little, a shock travels through the ProdSystem ™ and into the nape of the neck of the lazy brat. Years of patent-protected testing methods have verified the Ma Newer's power source to be 99.9% percent effective, making her power source so reliable and entertaining, you may not even watch the TV.


  1. This is my absolute new favorite of yours. I'd pick a fav line, but I love 'em all.

  2. I would definitely watch the little brats for entertainment. Fabulous story!

  3. Thank you, you too! Angel, you've been reading the site so long that crowning this as a new favorite is quite a compliment.

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  5. Hee!

    Okay, I'm not going to comment on this. (But I already did) I absolutely should not endorse this (But I am!)

    Agreed with Angel (guilt!)


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