Monday, May 24, 2010

"Counting With George" at On The Wing

Today's story is "Counting with George," which is up over at On The Wing. On The Wing is the non-fiction arm of Full Of Crow. They primarily publish opinion pieces, though they are open to all non-fiction.

"Counting With George" follows my attempt to get a price estimate for an MRI. It's dedicated to George, quite possibly the most helpful person I've ever met at any hospital in my life.

You can read John Wiswell's "Counting with George" at On The Wing. You can reach On The Wing by clicking on this text.


  1. And a fine story it is. Point of fact: On the Wing is open to rants, opinions, screeds, interviews, reviews and stories of ALL kinds. Nonfiction is the common denominator. the editor is very open to working with writers to provide a platform not typically available for non-mainstream perspective. he is also a snappy dresser.

  2. so infuriating, John... how did you keep your cool? And you're right about the med system being great only if you have the dough... I've seen the quality of my health care plummet in the last 13 or so years I've been at my company...

  3. Anthony, I'm generally a patient person. I've been helpless so much in my life that waiting is a strong skill of mine now. I'm sorry your healthcare quality has been declining - companies really shouldn't be responsible for insurance the way the government has let them be.


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