Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: The Last Man and His Mother

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The last man on earth sat alone in his room. There was a knock at the door.

"Freddy, supper's ready."

"Mom! I'm writing!"

"Okay honey. I'll leave it in the fridge."

He was the last man on earth. The one and only

"Do you need some Pepto?"


"Okay, okay!"

The last man on earth held his head in his hands. No one understood him.


  1. Awesome. You know Frederic Brown did something similar with the original two sentence 'Knock'. In general I can't recommend Brown high enough. 'From These Ashes' is a great collection. Not like you needed more to read...

  2. OMFG! I loved it. I agree with Roscoe, pure awesome.

  3. Captures teenage isolation brilliantly.

  4. I am aware of Brown's story, Ross. It's very amusing and I was playing off of it here. Have not read From These Ashes, though. When I add even more reading to my list, I guess that should go on the pile...

    Thanks for the kind words, all.

  5. Love the brevity, irony and of course, the audio reading, John...

  6. you are so very sweet!! thanks for popping over to both my AudioBoo and site to comment on my last flash fiction

    and to echo the other comments - I too enjoy your style and way of capturing this scene.

  7. Poor guy. It wasn't bad enough that he was the last man on earth. The last WOMAN on earth is his mother!


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