Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Riren 100

Every year I write The Riren 100, a comprehensive list of the top hundred pro wrestling matches in a year. The last couple years it has received pretty amazing syndication, and this year it's expected to appear on a batch of front pages. Since I get a lot of confused feedback about it, I'm opening up this source post. I'll link any place it's appearing, and if you have any comments you can feel free to leave them here.

I won't be posting the list here because it's really long. Feel free to point out other sites where it's popped up so I can add them.


  1. Did you do a Riren 100 for 2011 ?

    1. I'm afraid I was too busy with the novels to do one for 2011. I'm considering one for 2012, if I have the free time in November. Is there much fan desire for one?


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