Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: One-Liners on Love

Jodi MacArthur recently requested a bunch of one-liners on love. I sent her a batch and she re-published her favorite foursome. Here is the entire list. They are not all funny, not all one-liners, but I swear love was somewhere in the context of each.

-Love is an illusion more resilient than reality.

-Love is a four-letter word.

-Love is never having to say, "Go away."

-Love conquers all. The occupation is harder.

-Love is the radiation that kills cynicism.

-Love is owing nothing and still wanting to give.

-Love is like flatulence: you're lucky if anybody else tolerates yours.

-Love is irrational, inconvenient, divisive, and unfortunately altogether worthwhile.

-Love is a fate I wish on all my worst enemies - nothing more embarrassing.

-Love is what's waiting for you once you calm down. If nothing's there, then you know.

-Love is fifty of the best reasons to take a day off from work - and one day, the utter worst.

-Love is a disappearing act. It's not in your pockets, your bank account's empty, and the car is gone. Oh, that bitch!

-Love is more likely to create families than emerge from them.

-Love has a silent 'e' because it knows when to shut up.


  1. He, he, is a four letter word. I never realized that you were such a romantic, John.

  2. All good but the last is my favorite.

  3. Fun takes. My favorite is: "Love conquers all. The occupation is harder."

  4. I enjoyed these all, Ogre. <3

    ps. I'm off the net caving and polishing off Xscents this month. I'll see you soon. Thanks for playing the love game with us. ;-)

  5. I've got a counter to number 7: "Love is tolerating someone else's flatulence." And boy is that true of my love.


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