Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bathroom Art Challenge 2: The Girl With No Shoes

In February I posted about a little girl I saw at the Pharmacy. I invited anyone to draw what they saw reading my description. Like every Bathroom Art Challenge, all mediums were open: crayons, markers, pencils, paints, inks, renders, even posed photography. Four people stepped up. Here is their work:

Danielle La Paglia, drawing with highlighters

Jemma Mayer, drawing with her Tablet

Monica Marier, drawing with pencils and very expensive markers

Tony Noland, drawing with pencils

Three of them saw her from behind, while Monica caught the look on her face. It's interesting to see how different people played with it. Please give our artists a round of applause!

And if you'd like to try your art, anyone who submits a new picture of The Girl by tonight will be added to this post. Just hit me up at


  1. Clap-clap-clap, woo HOO!!!! Good for you guys!

  2. Yes, well done you four, cool pics!

  3. Wow! Fun to see the different takes. For mine, I pretty much saw it from John's point of view, and I knew exactly where he'd have been standing (if he'd happened to be near the Dr. Shchol's booth at MY local Wal*Mart).

  4. Dammit, John! Mine was a joke! :P The rest of you did a wonderful job.

  5. But I like yours, Danni!

    Naturally I like all of them, that's why I gathered them.

  6. Yes, nothing compares to the raw brilliance of the mighty highlighter! :)

  7. Congrats to all of the folks brave enought to submit their art. They all did a fine job. I haven't an artistic bone in my body. I'd be as well drawing it with a crayon clamped between my toes.

  8. Crayons between your toes is a valid medium. Get to it, Alan!


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