Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: This Country, Spring 2011

Squabbles over a few billion dollars halt trillions in a budget that nobody has. The government shuts down and no one thinks about the nation it represents.

A Mormon is leading a former Baptist minister as the top candidate to challenge the black president.

Meanwhile, Feminists despise the most famous female candidate.

As Hillary Clinton winds down her career, a young nephew asks, “Can boys be Secretary of State?”

People are more afraid of radioactive milk than unions being busted.

Ayn Rand’s secular propaganda prepares to become a Summer blockbuster, guaranteed to draw enthusiastic Christian audiences.

This nation is bad Science Fiction, and I love B-movies.


  1. I'm dying laughing, even as I groan over some of the truth here.

  2. Damn good observations John. Milkdud?

  3. Yeah, I've been living in a dystopian sci-fi world too, one where the pod people took over. Hey, at least they averted the shutdown — hooray, our tax refunds won't be held up!

  4. If only the forefathers could see us now.....

  5. I will go for any candy tonight. Darn this diet.

    Happy to make you folks laugh and groan. Don't sweat the forefathers - they were living in their own bad story. Bad historical fiction?

  6. I love your last line, "This nation is bad Science Fiction, and I love B-movies." That's brilliant!

  7. Love it. I wonder how Rand would feel about Palin? She'd love the small government rhetoric, hate the religious fervor, and above all, I think, be outraged that someone of Palin's tiny intellect could potentially challenge for the presidency. Very clever ways to mention Palin and Clinton, and just a wonderful line about the Rand movie with "enthusiastic Christian audiences." Great post.

  8. Yeah, I don't get it. Why DO feminists hate Hilary Clinton? I think it all goes back to her standing by Bill when he dirtied up Monica's blue dress. Any self-respecting feminist would have ditched him right then and there.
    If it's any consolation, Canadian politics are just as messy as yours right now.
    Pass the milkduds.


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