Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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1. Christ
2. Fuck
3. #skiesonfire
4. NASA says “angels”
5. fuckingfuckfuck
6. NYC
7. oceans boiling
8. Paris
9. Revelations was
10. Rebecca Black


  1. Clever as always, John! :)
    (I had to look up Rebecca Black though, since I'm so behind the times)

  2. She's just a singer who happens to trend on Twitter very often. I figure in the apocalypse, she'd still have an ill-timed video popping up.

  3. Wouldn't there also be a "where is everybody" or "Rapture" trending topic?

    Verification word: "bultings" — etymology, combination of "bolthole" and "building." Shelters for people planning to hide long-term.

  4. That would depend on your theological chronology, Mr. FAR! Maybe Twitter was down and the whale ascended?

  5. I loved the "story" but your comment to FAR about the whale ascending got an actual Laugh Out Loud from me. #laughingface


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