Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Lesson from The Great Ghost

“Never before six-thirty. Never before dusk. Never under anything but the moon. No investigations, no public appearance, and not one square inch of spandex. It’s something I learned from The Great Ghost. He said there was no difference between an alcoholic and a twenty-four/seven superhero. You don’t drink at lunch, and you don’t go lunch in costume. It’s got to be professional. It’s got to be ritualized. They catch onto rituals and fear them, and rituals catch on to you and keep you straight. We work at night because I work at night. You work during the day, then there isn’t any ‘we.’ Simple as that.”


  1. Fascinating.

    "No difference between an alcoholic and a twenty-four/seven superhero." LOL, good point!

  2. Love the Great Ghost - glad to see him in another monologue!

  3. This Great Ghost seems an interesting entity!

  4. The Great Ghost sounds an interesting entity.


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