Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Nice Life, Ugly Poem

Life’s a character study,
full of short stories,
little of it novel,
all of it poetry (though poetry’s unpopular).

A genetic serial,
a historical fiction,
the unauthorized true story,
its binding invisible,
pages dog-eared only when lived by a dog.

Some editions issued in audio,
available in green paperback,
and quotable spare change;
the e-book’s cheaper, but it’s not the same as going outside.

If living the biography’s overwhelming,
crib notes will be made available via headstone.


  1. As an antipode, I find ths piece little more than yesterday's news.

    It was excellent though.

  2. Last lines made me whoop with laughter. I was in the mood for reading poetry today, well done!


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