Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: The End of Food, OR, Did You See It Coming?

"I don't see why we shame food when it's so important. Digestion is the center of life! Once upon a time men hunted wild meat all day, women dug roots all day, and they loved each other for every bit of it. It was all social. Teens were begging to get involved.

"We pay a premium for pesticide-free kale and grass-fed beef. And to prepare it? Last night I went into the kitchen to thank the chef, and she was flattered. And when I tipped our waiter thirty percent, he could have kissed me. From harvesting to preparing to delivering it to the table, it's all glamorous and everyone's grateful, but two hours later I offer a teenager fifty bucks to wipe my ass, and they sent me to jail! The whole culture is mixed messages, man."


  1. I did NOT see that coming and kind of wish I could unsee it now. Thanks, John. ;)

  2. I certainly didn't see that one coming - I too have that image fixed now ^_^

  3. Chuckling here. Didn't see it coming, which given I have been following you for a little while, was remiss of me. You are frequently deeply twisted, and I love it.
    Those same twists are also often accurate reflections of our societies. Thanks.

  4. Should have seen it coming from the title; The End Of Food. All food ends up the same place.


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