Saturday, June 9, 2012

Consumed Podcast: Prometheus

Max Cantor and I met up for the Prometheus premiere this weekend. I'm a tremendous admirer of Ridley Scott's Alien, and Max is a terribly nice guy, so naturally we held our breaths for about an hour of run-time before murmuring that something was wrong. Was it the screenplay, the pacing, the direction, the revelations...?

Sitting intimately around a single mic, we discussed the movie's many opportunities and failures. About halfway in we broke for an impromptu Spoiled, so if you're desperate to hear about the movie without discovering its deepest secrets, you can break there. I guarantee you'll want to stay for the naked Fassbender ramble.

Consumed 6 is available for free right here. It's got all the shallow characters and bloody butt cheeks you could ask for.


  1. Ok, #1. I love the podcast. LOVE.

    #2. So sad that Prometheus didn't hold up. I appreciate your frank analysis.

    #3. I 100% agree about the Michael Fassbender bit. ;)

    1. So glad you enjoyed the podcast, Laurita! With good luck we'll have another one up next week. Are you planning to go see Prometheus anyway?

    2. I think I will go see it anyway. I'd like to compare notes. At least now I will have reasonable expectations about the film. And the amount of Fassbender nudity. :D


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