Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bathroom Monologue: Powers of Detection

He is The Detective and there is only one other on earth like him. When he walks into a crime scene, it doesn’t matter how long the FBI has canvassed or logged it, for only The Detective will see what matters. If he is the fifteenth to look upon a photograph, only he will recognize the setting in the background as the next place they need to go. If a thousand papers are strewn across the desk and window, only he will find the three that matter and give away the motive. If blood is spattered around the carpet, only he will see the pattern that leads him to a hidden crawl space. The facts wait for his observation.

Your years on the force are meaningless. Forensics, procedures, the scientific method itself is fruitless compared to his casual glance because the world was set up for his pursuit. This merely appears like our story, gentlemen. In truth, it is between The Detective and his greatest enemy. We are the casualties.

There’s only one other like him, and that is The Criminal. Author protect us, and please endow our Detective with greater skill.


  1. I always feel sorry for the police in these murder mysteries. It'd be nice if just once they arrested the right person.

  2. Been watching Elementary? I actually like the show but what you describe is definitely on display there.

  3. Ha! It's all down to the script writers and how good they are.

  4. You know what would be nice? If there was a mystery they couldn't solve. Just once. BUT viewers like resolution, I suppose.

  5. This could make an interesting premise for a sitcom: a cop who finds all the clues, only to have someone else piece them together and steal his thunder. A different person, every episode.


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