Monday, May 6, 2013

Bathroom Monologue: Djinn Deals

I run a very simple business, for I’m a very simple djinn. It’s how I’ve outlasted so much of my competition. I welcome anyone of any language and any creed. Rich? Poor? You can pay, and I can sell the world. I’ll change things in any way, great or small, to my suitor's desire.

Change the king.

Change the tides.

Add a moon.

Subtract a war.

I’ll draw the curtains and erase poverty. The world can be any way you want it to, and it will only cost yourself. You won’t see how things will change, for you’ll have been the change you wanted. That’s my method and my price; I’ll change the world to whatever you want, but you can’t be in it.

Some customers suffer pangs of selfishness at the terms, but think it over on your way to the door. You’ll turn around. You know there’s something worth no longer being for.


  1. I don't get to enjoy the changes? That's a bummer.

  2. I got chills when I read this, very cool!

  3. Excellent! Yes, those are quite some terms, but it's true; there's always something worth yourself, right?

  4. This reminds of a number of jokes I've heard over the years- there's always a catch with genies.

  5. Sounds awesome but as Eric said, what's the catch? Ah, Beverly said it too! What would I choose to change if there were NO catches? About 8 million things.
    Boy would I make a mess of the Universe or what???!!!

    xox jean!

  6. This is a great thing to think about. I'd happily die to end suffering if I could only know that without suffering something else wouldn't go wrong. That's the thing. The balance is so fragile. It's what we do as writers, though.

  7. That's nice. I really like it.

  8. Unfortunately, I wouldn't trust anyone or anything far enough to run the risk. But if an ironclad guarantee existed - yes, I can think of one or two things worth my life to change. Very thought provoking, John.

  9. Very thought provoking, John. I guess this would be a literal take on the phrase "Be the change you want to see in the world."


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