Sunday, July 27, 2014

Three Positive Things in Three Days, and Cheating

This wasn't my best week. Starting Monday and hitting hard Tuesday, my body started rejecting my new medication. I've only gotten some clarity in the last day or so, and am struggling for productivity. I see the doctor for the next consult on Thursday.

In related news, Ross Dillon cheated recently. He was tagged in a Facebook game to post "three positive things for three days," and he posted nine all at once. He's a man after my own heart.

I read his list minutes after finishing a short story and was quite exhausted. I played along. No reason not to be positive here for the span of nine items.

1. Marathoning the first season of Lost.

2. A writer I respect saying he was compelled to stay up late to read to the end of a story he beta read for me.
3. Ice cream cakes.

4. Homemade ice cream cake substitutes.
5. Grilling hamburgers.
6. People who smile when the rain reaches them.
7. Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic.
8. Telltale's The Walking Dead game.
9. Hearing the version of the ending theme of Naoki Urasawa's Monster, an instrumental song which always creeeped me out, and finding the lyrics inspirational and reassuring. 

I confess just listening to For The Love of Life cold won't have the same effect.


  1. Geez, John, so sorry to hear the new meds aren't working. Hope you get things straightened out.

    On the positive side, you're marathoning Lost! Me and the hubs and my mom did that with the entire season last Christmas... or, The Lost Christmas, as it became known.

    Enjoy those hamboigies.

  2. I am sorry to hear that the new medication is giving you grief. Fingers and toes crossed the doctor can find a solution/substitute.
    Finding the positives doesn't make the negatives go away - but it does push them off centre stage.
    Hope this week is much better.

  3. So sorry to hear the new meds are not working as they should. I really do hope they can sort things out for you very soon. Mmmm grilling hamburgers sounds good, can you do some fried onions to go with mine please ^_^

  4. I hope the docs can figure something out with the meds soon so you can get some relief.

    I love the list of positives - especially #6. :)

  5. Sorry the meds are giving you trouble.
    And homemade anything is always better.

  6. Differing in the specifics, but glad to see comics, marathons, food, and appreciation of work are common themes between us.

  7. Sorry to hear about the meds. I hope they can get it sorted out fast.

  8. Awesome list, but what is a homemade ice cream cake substitute, please?

    1. Very messy, to start. And it requires cleaning lots of Oreo dust out of your blender.


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