Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Pain in the Neck

A little update since the blog has been quiet during convention season. Both 4th Street and Readercon were delights, and I'm greatly looking forward to Otakon this Friday. But travel just got harder.

Five weeks ago I did something bad to my neck. I cannot remember a singular incident, but it was around then that I began experiencing persistent shooting pains down my neck, through my left shoulder, and down my left arm. It seemed like an exacerbation of problems I've had in my shoulder ever since a botched muscle biopsy in my teens. It feels a lot like something sticking your finger in an electrical outlet, at random, every couple of minutes.

About two weeks ago I had a hard exercise session, and really pushed my cardio. Recent meds have caused me to gain a lot of weight, and I wanted to push against it. Instead, something in my neck popped. That was the first time I couldn't feel my left arm anymore.

The arm regained feeling, and I never lost motor control. Since then the shooting pains have randomly started appearing in my right arm to compliment the left. These symmetrical pain is rare enough that I keep trying to pretend that was just one-- okay, just two-- maybe just three times, not a pattern.

I have a doctor's appointment in August, which is the earliest they could take me. But for now, it's a distraction and a worry.

And If I've randomly frowned or grimaced at you lately, please excuse me. I promise that you're not a pain in the neck.


  1. Oh John.
    I am so sorry. My left side is being recalcitrant at the moment. It aches like hell, and refuses to listen to any request I might make of it. But it is only one side. Which is easier to ignore.
    I hope your appointment is early August and that a solution can be found.

  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles John and I hope you get to sorted out soon.

  3. Will be praying it's nothing serious and they can help you. Not until August? Really? That sucks.

  4. I am a nurse .. Try and get an earlier appointment

  5. Oh wow...August? That's too long! I assume that's a specialist of some kind.

  6. I'm glad your regained feeling in your arm, but that sucks about the pains. Maybe someone will cancel their appointment and they can bump you to NOW. Nothing worse than waiting to talk to the doctor about something. =(

  7. Jeez. My gout is wanting to play, but it's not where I can't walk on it after an hour out of bed. Maybe a chiro-cracker could straighten you out. I had a disc go wonky after car wreck some years ago, making my thumb go numb & causing random aches all down the arm. A few sessions got it cleared up.

  8. I hate when there's something wrong and they can't get you in. I hope it resolves itself, but if not, that the doctor can bring you relief. I understand having to fight medication weight gain. Good luck on everything.

  9. Hey, no worries. That's a fairly wrenching thing you are going through now, and you don't really come across as cranky. In fact, a lot of what you express here is understandable. I hope that your appointment with the doctor goes well, and that you’ll be able to find out what exactly is causing the pain in your neck. Take care!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts


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