Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Short Story Publications, and a Bonus!

If only all my posts could have this much good news. The editors at Podcastle just produced their latest episode, which includes an audio version of my short story, "Wet." You can listen to it for free right here.

"Wet" follows the unusual friendship between an immortal and a ghost stranded in Arizona. This is a reprint of a 2014 story of mine, originally appearing in Urban Fantasy Magazine.

Daily Science Fiction has also posted its Table of Contents for October, and I have a brand new story appearing for them on October 27th. "The Terrible" is about a supervillain who takes his heroine for granted. It's my tribute to Wonder Woman.

And just before Halloween, SF Signal will be running a Mind Meld on children's movies that terrified us. I'll be contributing, but if you want to know what beloved classic scared the crap out of me for an entire decade, you'll have to click back over in two weeks.

Last but not least, I've also been invited to a panel at Saratoga's World Fantasy Convention. I'll be joining expert authors for an hour of Monsters as Devourers - figuring out what human-eating  monsters have always wanted out of us.

Let's celebrate by shipping Jason and Sadako, by artist Bryan Lee. 'tis the season.



  1. Big congratulations. On all fronts.
    I loved Wet when I first read it. Can't make the podcast work for me - but will keep trying.

    1. To check, does this URL work for you?

  2. Congratulations on all of it! Wow, I have some reading and listening to do.

  3. Ha, love the artwork! And congratulations again! You've got exciting things going on.

  4. This post is full of awesome news! Congrats all around!

  5. You are totally rocking the short story world. That is great. Can't wait to hear about the movie that scared you so much, either. Keep up the good work.

  6. Congrats on all the good news. =D


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