Monday, May 24, 2021

Streaming Panel Schedule for Balticon

This coming weekend is Balticon. For the past couple years the pandemic has pushed this Baltimore, Maryland convention to shrug off the shackles of physical space and move to the internet. Anyone can come watch any readings and panels they watch over Zoom. It's totally free.

You can check out all the guests and programming at Balticon's website.

This will be my second year doing some programming with Balticon. I have a rich slate of panels, plus a reading. Anything look fun to you?

Writing Fantastic Diseases in a Post-COVID World
Friday, May 28, 7 PM EST, Watertable
D.H. Aire (moderator), John Wiswell, Jeanne Adams, Seanan McGuire, JL Gribble
The past year has taught us a lot of valuable and interesting lessons about the way pandemics can affect society at all levels. Now that you can assume your audience has first-hand experience at living through a pandemic, how will this change how you write about similar situations? What are new ways to convey feelings of horror, distrust, and paranoia? If you're a writer of future (or near-future) societies, what do you plan on changing about your worldbuilding?

Reading - John Wiswell
Saturday, May 29, 1 PM EST, Consuite
John Wiswell will read his Hugo-nominated "Open House on Haunted Hill" in the Readings breakout room in Consuite.

Advancing the Story Without Trauma
Saturday, May 29, 5:30 PM EST, Mount Washington
Aaron M. Roth (moderator), John Wiswell, Kelly Robson, Anne E.G. Nydam
While it is accepted that an inciting incident is required as a launch point for a plot arc, our protagonists—and their audiences—might have had enough of certain literary devices. From fridging to sexual violence to burning down the village, creators frequently give characters agency only after first making them powerless. Panelists will discuss alternative strategies for kicking off a plot and character motivation.

Writing Psychological Horror
Saturday, May 29, 7 PM EST, Mount Washington
L. Marie Wood, Nick Mamatas, John Wiswell, Nino Cipri, Scott Edelman
Good horror will beyond gore and mess with a reader's mind. What is it about certain ideas and concepts that disturb us and how can you incorporate your personal fears into your works?

The Changing Role of Godzilla
Sunday, May 30, 1 PM EST, Pride of Baltimore II
Jennifer R. Povey (moderator), Daniel M. Kimmel, C.D. Brown, Liz Bosarge, John Wiswell
Godzilla started out as the monster that trashes Tokyo, but much of the subsequent canon involves Godzilla as a defender. In part, this is just an excuse to have Godzilla fight various other kaiju, including two rounds against King Kong. But what do the Godzilla vs. X movies say about the role of monsters, views of atomic power, and how monster movies reflect society?

Stepping Outside Your Genre Comfort Zone
Sunday, May 30, 2:30 PM, Pride of Baltimore II
Ryan Van Loan (moderator), John Wiswell, Angela Yuriko Smith, Nino Cipri
When you're interested in exploring other genres, it can be hard to figure out where to start. How do you find others who share your taste and will also expand your to-be-read pile with new authors?


  1. That's awesome you are on so many panels! Sorry it's virtual again. Live events are starting to happen again here.

  2. You are going to be busy - and I hope there is time for fun.


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