Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"Open House on Haunted Hill" is a World Fantasy Award Finalist!

I was quite a surprise the other day to scroll through the list of World Fantasy Award nominees and see my name. Yes, I've been blessed this year by kind receptions to my work. Yet I hadn't heard a peep from anyone about this. 

"Open House on Haunted Hill" is now a nominee for the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story, alongside four other excellent shorts. It is a ballot full of writers who I admire.

I am quite emotional right now. I'd like to unpack some of that emotion for you kind folks.

It was at the World Fantasy Awards weekend in Baltimore when I first  made up this story idea to amuse my friends. I pitched it to those same friends in the hallways and at meals of that convention. Then they talked me into writing it. "Open House on Haunted Hill" probably wouldn't exist if not for this particular set of awards. So  you'll begin to understand why I am a wee bit emotional.

On top of that, it was at another World Fantasy Awards weekend when  some friends (who will remain anonymous) gave me advice on major health  problems I had. Doctors had me going in a very bad direction at that  point. The advice I got that weekend changed the course of my life. I  might not be here if not for the community I had at that weekend.

Heck, I remember years back arguing over changing the statue for this  award on Reddit. I thought it was right to change away  from the face of Lovecraft and to a more universal and less toxic  symbol. What we got is the current gorgeous statue. One that, shocked as I am to type it, I might even win.

So the World Fantasy Awards have a lot of connotations for me. It has  been a cultural event where communities have done much that has touched  me. Where I could, I have also tried to do my best by newer and more  vulnerable people at them. You supporters of this Patreon know that community means a  lot to me.

So thank you.

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  1. Wonderful, WONDERFUL news. Half a world away I am smiling (and hoping) with and for you.


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