Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Why is World Trade Center a Flop?

Even though this one has a better soundtrack and more star-power, we've all seen this movie before. It's rare that a film hits theatres years after it's been on TV, but most everybody saw this one years ago, on a Tuesday morning in September. Even if you missed the premiere, it was rerun so much that month that most of us got our fill. The president of the United States even visited the set. The novelization (written by Congressmen, of all people) sold pretty well. If it wasn't weird enough that the book came out after the movie, we got hundreds of them, with every bias you could imagine, which slaked the thirsts of most of the remaining curious people. And then there was the t-shirt, the interviews with the characters, the slogans, and soon, by God, if we saw one more commercial with so much as a clip of this movie in it, we'd scream. Then this movie came along. Nobody likes a remake. You see, the story was gripping, the strife was greater than any cinematic experience before it, and while I'm sure Hollywood could have deployed shinier special effects at the time, the original had a better director than Oliver Stone.

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