Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: “I’m having trouble thinking of a plot for National Novel Writing Month.” –Michelle Ann Fleming

Title: Sincerely, Abe
Tagline: “A.L..” Does that stand for “Abraham Lincoln” or “Alternative Lifestyle?” You decide!
Genre: Historical fiction/sappy romance/science fiction
Synopsis: Abraham Lincoln is gay... for Jesus. And he builds a time machine with the help of sentient garden gnomes to reach his one true love. But a cruel conspiracy of slave-owners and Da Vinci Code fans are out to ruin alternative history’s greatest romance. The ironic twist ending sees John Booth crucify Jesus, and Pontius Pilot shoot Abraham Lincoln... a smile!
Subplots: The garden gnomes turn out to be reincarnations of a primordial force, “The Supporting Cast.” In previous existences they were the Apostles, the seven dwarves, and during the end credits we see them become the guys that bankrolled the Titanic.
Themes: Redemption (gnomes), love (Abe/Christ, Booth/Judas, Grumpy/Doc)
Comments: I’m so clever.


  1. The best part is this would make an awesome NaNo Novel.

  2. Oh sweet Jeebus - I giggled -so- hard at this. John, you make my day on a regular basis.

  3. You're both quite welcome. I'm really glad people get a kick out of these!


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