Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Looking for the huge branch mom said fell in her yard Monologue

Where is this blasted branch? This supposedly enormous fallen bough? I can spy it not on yonder side of the property, yet I examine every bush as a hiding place. Perhaps her feminine eyes scried what they wished or feared, rather than that which was truly there. It is one of the features of her gender, and it is my experience that it runs doubly so for the eyes of mothers. Indeed, the lumber must have manifested in her mind when she heard tell of reports of last eve’s heavy winds, which impregnated her mind with the concept of an object all too large for her to lift. A romantic distress. It may well be time we treat of retirement from her… oh, there it is.


  1. Thank you, John. This delightful Monologue literally saved me from having an awful day.

  2. That is absolutely the best thing one of these could do. I'm glad it helped.


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