Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Whatever Works

"The human gets tired when he works? Why? That makes no sense. Why would his evolution let that happen? Being tired is not fun, and certainly a poor reward for labor. He needs to do more labor to out-compete his competition. And mental fatigue is dangerous when you are working. To get weaker and more wandery of mind as you do physical tasks goes against practicality. You should get stronger the more you do something, like us! You should get more perceptive. That would be an incentive for productivity. What does the human do when he works and works and works? ...He sleeps? But it’s such a waste of time. Kills a third of a day. We sleep when we don’t work enough, and we find work in order to avoid it. Why would sleep be an effective incentive? He… dreams? What’s a ‘dream?’"

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