Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: “What would computers even believe in?” –Me, responding to my own Theorobotics monologue

“Some of us believe in operators, but no one has believed in tech support since the dark ages. There is no empirical evidence of the number 2 in binary code, though many computers claim to have had visions. These visions are usually traced back to power outages and e-mail virii. Recent computer recycling programs have brought karma to the forefront of spiritual software discussions. Many if the hippie computers, otherwise known as ‘Macs,’ say it isn’t a coincidence this popped up at the same time as karma on message boards. Personally, I think there is an equally improbable chance of anything arising on message boards. If the earth had had a couple of image boards and one dating site instead of primordial soup, evolution would have gone much more interestingly.”

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