Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: To Be Wrong

“My greatest unease is when I don’t hear any of the loons saying this stuff anymore. It’s not when all the men of reason disagree that I become worried. Einstein was the only one to believe certain things for a time, as was Newton’s lot, as was Galileo’s. People make reason say whatever they want it to say; it’s a puppet that can do any dance. It’s when all the crazies disagree with me that I worry. They are such a diverse lot, some with theories of UFO puppeteers, some of a violent blasphemous trinity, of fairies controlling gravity, and all of them so divorced from sense as I know it that if not one of them has any thoughts congruent with mine, I must be worse than mad. No, for a hundred geniuses are apt to agree with each other, but a hundred madmen have a hundred ideas, and if none of the hundred so much as echo mine, my theory must have gone wrong somewhere.”

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