Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: In the Middle of Half-Life

Wendy had some weird thoughts first thing in the morning. What did grilled cheese taste like to dogs with their limited brain wiring? Wasn’t there a more efficient way to dispense scotch tape?

Tuesday morning she awoke with a most untuesdaylike query: if the earth really had been made a few thousand years ago by an omnipotent creator that had snapped everything into place, only making it look older, how would she know? There was carbon dating, but carbon dating could be forged as easily as fossil record by such a Figure, and it would make sense if He was setting everything up that He’d synchronize all the atomic times. En medias res was a popular device in human fiction, so why not divine?

She chewed her lower lip and batted around whether this Figure would stop time eventually, the same way He’d started it. Would she notice?

Wendy looked out her window. The sun shrugged at her. Then it was time for breakfast.

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