Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Thinking of the Phone in the Bathroom

Here's a prank call nobody makes. You look up a number in the phone book, then call.

"Hello?" she answers.

In your deepest voice, ask, "Is this Valerie Nab?"

"Yes?" she answers in a half-question.

"That's good." Then, taking your mouth away from the receiver, say loud enough that she'll still hear, "Location confirmed."

Then hang up.

Nobody makes that prank. No clue why.


  1. Don't know about a prank call, John, but would make a cool opening for a short story!!

  2. That really made me laugh - and I, too, instantly felt like I was reading a short story (of course, that makes you the psychotically intriguing main character - not sure if that's good or not).

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  3. That is fantastic. Now I want to try that on someone...


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