Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Contributions to Max Cantor's #flagofmycountry Challenge on Twitter

-The flag of my country must touch the ground, to connect with the earth it represents. However, it may never be trampled.

-The flag of my country can be stained, dirtied and even bloodied, so long as we the people maintain what it stands for.

-Also, the flag of my country comes with a complimentary Best of Queen CD.

-The flag of my country is more absorbant than a shamwow. Even when wrung it retains some juice in its patented moral fibers

-The flag of my country has many stars and one asterisk, for the places we aren't done with yet.

-The flag of my country is actually a hologram so that even if the U.N. kicks us out, we can project it onto their building.


  1. LOL! I loved that list... I wasn't aware of the #flagofmycountry thing on Twitter but your list is pretty hilarious. ;) I loved the last point especially.



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