Thursday, September 3, 2009

60 Second Writing Challenge: What wouldn’t you let servants do for you?

No Grace, you cannot eat my food for me! You! Let go of the remote! Listen, choosing the channels I watch is not a servant's job. Go vacuum. Go do the laundry. It’s almost spring. Mow the lawn! Why the Hell are you sitting on my furniture instead of moving it upstairs? There are some things a guy insists he do himself, and then there are some things he insists other people not do – like wearing my clothes! Come on, that’s creepy.

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  1. Damn...all that in 60 secs? I'd still be looking for the "Q" key. Nicely done.

  2. Sometimes our strongest writing is when we just let loose and let it flow. This is terrible in a really great way, John.

  3. hahahaha i love this one! the character is great, I can really hear him yelling. hahaha let go of the remote! brilliant. :o)


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