Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: The Other Place Sam Went

Don't cry, honey. Your friend is in two places now, rather than just here. When a werewolf dies he splits. Sam has gone to wherever humans go - I don't know where that is, but it's probably a nicer place than around here with everyone persecuting him. The wolf side, though, goes straight up. See the moon? That's the source of his wolfish side. See the dark blotch up there? How it forks on the right, like the ears of a bunny? You can kind of see his arm, and back there are his legs mid-stride. That's the rabbit in the moon. He's running from the great pack of werewolves. All the wolfish ghosts to ever die ascend to the moon, to chase that rabbit. They're ghosts, so they don't hunger. They don't need to catch him, so it's okay that they still haven't. They just chase him forever, with thousands of their own kind. All those thousands running are why the moon revolves, making it spin under the scampering of their invisible paws. Sam's wolf-self is up there helping the moon spin now. If you ever miss him, you can look up and cheer him on to catch that blasted bunny.


  1. At last the mystery of why the moon phases is solved!

  2. Unique thought. I honestly hadn't thought of where wolves went afterwards. O.o

    Great idea!


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