Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Surface

You may have noticed the weird story I posted yesterday. It was surreal even for my tastes, and came about when a certain track came up while editing. Ed Harrison's "Surface" is perhaps the most stirring song on the preposterously evocative Neo Tokyo. With your assistance, I'd like to play a little experiment.

Writers, readers, general thinkers: load up the song below and close your eyes. In a few minutes, please share what this song brought to your minds. I doubt it'll be what my Surface was, but am keenly curious for just what you get out of it.


  1. Okay, this is NOT edited. I did a free write while the song played and this is what happened:

    huddled in the darkness
    heart pounding
    breath rasping
    I know he's here
    please God don't let him hear me
    the scrape of metal, the scuff of shoes
    I'm running
    empty halls, lights flickering
    shoes slapping the concrete
    I burst through the door and into the damp street and run
    "Goddammit!" A shout comes from behind
    and I run
    sidewalks, allies, doorways
    there's nothing but the sound of my breath and my shoes and his

  2. Mine is quite odd: I saw a musical band of angels in front of a waterfall playing out the song. They had their eyes closed and they were nodding their heads up and down to the beat.

  3. Like you, I saw a train and light. I also saw rain and storms, but the train kept "thumpa thumping" as you put it.
    After this, I saw you, writing, editing. Your head kept thumpa thumping but you kept going anyway. Like the train, you have a destination and neither rain nor storms or pain will stop you from gettting to your destination.

    That is all.

  4. Traveling in the Frankfurt subway at night. Dark tunnels, lights flashing.

  5. Driving slowly at night, friends laughing and relaxed inside the car. We stop and get out, climb the metal ladder up the side of a tall building and sit on the roof. Then spotlights flick on around the city, an angel standing under each one on the roofs of other skyscrapers. Their arms are raised, and as the last roof lights up the angels step into the air and begin dancing, taking hands and exchanging partners in a sort of aerial contra dance. We watch them in pleasure.

    Glad I'm not the only one who saw angels.


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