Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: My Zombie Apocalypse Team (see if you can spot the theme)

It’s 120 meters tall, mechanical so it can’t get infected, carries every Weapon of Mass Destruction known to man, has a flight mode, underwater mode, and always comes back in the last act of the movie no matter what went wrong. It's the Brains of the outfit because its brain is yet another laser gun, and since it has its own repair bay, it's set for Medics. A toy of Mechagodzilla can even suffice as our team Mascot.

Instructions? Point my “team” at the zombie apocalypse and leave town for a weekend.

Alright, I might have been kidding about the Mascot. If we're going to sell mechanized weapons at the end of the world, then he can tag along.

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