Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Opposing Truth, OR, “Can you do a monologue attacking the truth?”

“The truth is the most oppressive force in human history. It is hard and fast. It does not compromise or offer alternatives. It allows for nothing but itself, and is thus selfish. The truth doesn’t set you free; it creates a tidy box in which you are allowed to think and function. You are derided for thinking outside it. Truth annihilates imagination and fantasy. Its religion is pragmatism, and its crusades are against anything else. The truth sees no liberty in the lie, the fiction or even the mistake. The truth sets no one free; it is a tyrant that plainly litigates that this is what you are, and this what is possible, and you shall be possible for so long until you die. Why would anyone want such a thing running our universe?”


  1. Ha all versions of the truth are here, except I disagree, the truth doesn't set you free - in a way it does set you free, free to discover what is possible, so that in itself is a freedom of sorts - believe me for I tell the truth! ^__^

  2. I feel like printing this out on index-sized cards and handing them out every time I meet a closed-room logician blowhard (which seems to be my fate far too often). For people who are so heavily into hard rationalism, they are awfully bad at not being able to tell apart their opinions from actual hard facts...

    Apparently I really needed this. Thanks, John!

  3. I think truth is ripe for a good kicking. Maybe you'll start a movement.


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