Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bathoom Monologue: Slasher Parody

Has there ever been a Slasher parody where teens realize the virgins in their town are being sacrificed, and so they all throw a party to lose their virginity and become safe? Over and over again, hooded cultists would sneak up on their young victims, only to find them copulating and thus off bounds, forced to slink back into the shadows in depression. Could even climax by whacking the survivor girl, thus summoning Satan, who throws an infernal kegger at which all the surviving horny teens are welcome.

Alternate ending where it turns out they’re all pregnant with Satan. Whoops!


  1. LOL... sounds like a plot that would be right at home in the Scary Movie franchise. I did write a #FridayFlash on that theme once, where the virgin went and got laid so she wouldn't get chucked in the volcano.

    1. I remember that one! And I think we've all played with the idea of getting rid of virginity to save yourself. I think even Gilligan's Island did that once. In this case, I'm curious about turning that trope around to be the whole point of the movie. Seems more plausible in today's very meta-Slasher atmosphere.

  2. We'd call it Rosemary's Babies?

  3. I think that would make an awesome parody, although the ending puzzled me until I remembered the "no sex before marriage" crowd. "Why would Satan care about... oh, oh right." That sort of reaction.

  4. This could all end up as a horny time (get it get it, horny - devil ^__^ )


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