Saturday, March 23, 2013

Challenge: How Many Books Can You Hold?

Mark Lawrence recently posted a challenge: how many Speculative Fiction books can you hold up, covers facing forward and visible?

It took me a day to get someone to photograph me, as there was no way I'd pull this off on my own. Our top score was 13:

Jim Butcher might as well have sponsored this, since I was holding Storm Front, Summer Knight, Grave Peril, Death Masks and Fool Moon, none of which I've actually gotten to read yet. I guess I owe him now. In addition are old and worn copies of Michael Crichton's Sphere and Jurassic Park, Dante's Inferno, H.G. Wells's Time Machine, and Stephen King's Needful Things and The Waste Lands. Down in my hands are the equally lovely Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and From Dark Places by Emma Newman.


  1. The obvious reply is, "Dude, I can hold 64GB of anything on one fingertip."

    1. But how many flash drives can you hold? Photo evidence, please.

  2. Damn. Well the Jim Butcher books are good!

  3. Nothing like that many without dropping them. Several times over. You are joining the list of people I am dratting. I have way too many books in my to-read pile now. I do not need ANY further temptation.

  4. That is awesome, John! What a fun idea :)
    Could you have added two more into your jeans pockets? Though that wouldn't have been exactly You holding them...


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