Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bathroom Monologue: Biograffiti

It's untold true story the author was never privy to. It's what Lincoln told his wife and never told anyone else, and told her with curiously curated story beats and concluded with a great sensitivity to how people would reenact it for a punchy film centuries later. It's what Nixon really regretted. It's what truly tempted Christ last.

It's based on real events you don't know well enough to disbelieve. It's a ghost story, it's a war story, it's a once in a life time love story that will somehow be told in ten different movies this summer by ten different ensembles.

It's bringing history to life. It's exploring the depths of people we never consulted. It's turning text books into coloring books.


  1. Well, yeah, if you put it that way... No doubt you're right...

    [Shuffles feet]

    But I still think Daniel Day-Lewis did an awesome job with all those speeches.

    1. It felt like he was a man reading a speech in almost every scene, but reading those speeches in intriguing ways. My favorite part of the movie, which probably condemns me, was Tommy Lee Jones not caring what movie it was at all and just being Tommy Lee Jones in a period piece.


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