Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Sweet Blogging Award

My friend Catherine "Ganymeder" Russell bestowed upon me the most colorful blogging award I've seen yet. It's also the most appetizing.

I actually postponed posting about this one until I was allowed to snack. I've been on a strict diet during my editing sprints, but today I got a little candy, and life got a little better.

The rules are fairly standard. Answer five sweet questions, and the pass the hop onto whoever you like. Here we go:

1. Cookies or Cake?
If this counts ice cream cake, then cake. If not, then cookies.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla is highly underrated, but it's chocolate. It has too many applications independent of ice cream and baking.

3. Favorite Sweet Treat?
Shifts on the mood, definitely. Sometimes I've got to have Reese's Cups, or ice cream cake, or muddy buddies. None of which I'm allowed right now, so I've just made myself miserable!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
Usually as I'm passing through a stressful self-regulated activity, like marathon editing. I want that reward, and holding it off is big. Typically I crave that snack more in the throes of the labor than when it's done and I'm allowed it. I also don't often allow it.  Today I'm on my last push on Last House in the Sky, having nearly all the revisions done. I hit my penultimate landmark last night, and am celebrating right now with a couple handfuls of Reese's Pieces.

5. Sweet Nick Name?
Invincible Jello. You'll have to ask my friends why.

My Three Sweet Recipients
-Danielle La Paglia: has put up with so much from me lately, and is generous with digital Fritos.

-Theresa Bazelli: my favor writing baker. I sometimes avoided her blog for fear of the cravings her kitchen photos would give me.

-Chuck Allen: just this week he took to Twitter offering to help any writer who was stuck and needed to talk out problems. That's a sweetheart.


  1. A(nother) deserved award. You epitomise the warmth and the wonder I have found in the blogosphere.

  2. Invincible Jello? Does that mean you can withstand Bill Cosby?
    Congratulations on the award!

  3. Really John? I'll try not to be so delicious. And congrats on the sweet award. Invincible Jello sounds like it has a story to it!

  4. So nice to read your reply!

    I'm betting "Invincible jello" is because you're sweet and retain your shape well in a mold. :D

  5. Well deserved by you and the three wonderful bloggers you bestowed it upon.

  6. Congrats on the sweet award! I'm a Reese Cup man, myself :)

  7. Cool. I like Reeses Cups as well, though 5th Avenue is my favorite chocolate bar (though harder to find).

    My daughter is one of those people who prefers Vanilla (a trait she didn't get from me). She just informed me that she is inviting a certain friend to her birthday specifically because she found out he likes vanilla, too. LOL


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