Saturday, August 17, 2013

Otakon Photo Journal

I'm settling in after a long trip on the road.

Thursday alone was an 11-hour journey that's given me quite the back spasms. It was worth it.

So for today, please, enjoy this photo diary of cosplay from Otakon's 20th anniversary.

For the anniversary, Baltimore lowered the thermostat below 105 degrees for once.
The first photo I took at the convention: he wanted to be a tank, and so he was.

No one on the escalator knows the horror about to unfold before them.

A family of Majin Buus. It was then that I knew I was home.
Lady Thor is surprisingly friendly.

Best in Show: Halo Kitty. It actually had a non-cosplayer following it as a PR handler.
I didn't know what it was, but it was enormous and adorable.

Found him.

They're dressed as Pokemon. Get it?
Family of Luigis, just chilling out. No Marios allowed.


  1. Makes you wonder how long some people spend on their costumes.
    Below a hundred and five? How generous of them.

  2. Those are all really cool! Very smart designs. I liked how Thor made her cape a practical length but still made it look like a proper Thor cape.

  3. Wow! Several times. And I hope your back spasms ease off quickly - or have eased off quickly.

  4. You are so lucky! One day I'll get to go to a con like that.


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