Friday, March 7, 2014

Phallus for the Sky - #fridayflash

A gorgeous shot from Icy Sedgwick's photo prompts.

"Hey honey."

"Oh for God's sake, Earth."

"I know you see it. It sure sees you."

"Put that away. It's not even morning. I'm tired."

"I can see the sun behind those clouds! Come on, it's the weekend."

"Where'd the romance go? You're all architecture these days."

"I sent you that shuttle!"

"I know it's the last one, Earth. All your TV satellites are floating in me."

"Have I told you that you look spacious lately?"

"I'm going back to bed."

"I bet a full moon will be out!"

"You're the worst planet I've ever dated. Pluto never needed artistic viagra."

"And look what happened to him! No, baby. I got you figured. You go take a nap. Dream on all this. "

"The single worst planet I've ever..."


  1. All the cosmologies I'm used to have the sky/universe as the masculine entity and the earth as the feminine. So this read like... cosmic pegging? Which just makes it even more appropos, really. Especially the architecture line.

  2. so Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity is basically spot on. Or was it his General Theory? This was fun

  3. Hahaha Love this. Especially love the architecture/shuttle banter.
    I wonder which city has the most pallic symbols vying for attention. Barcelona surely is up there.

  4. I thought I recognised that photo!!

    Funny story, John. :)

  5. Even after sending the shuttle. No gratitude.

  6. "Who are you going to pleasure with THAT tiny thing?"

  7. Architecture does like to thrust itself at the sky, doesn't it? Funny personification there. She just wants to space out for a while....

  8. Perfect picture for this one. Quite a funny story!

  9. So that's why Pluto was... well, Plutoed. Seattle, Chicago, New York, Paris. What does it say about MANkind that we have this strange obsession with tall structures like this? Something to think about, I suppose.

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  11. Lol very funny :). Great idea too. I like how it's all dialogue, although with a less fitting picture, the joke would of course have taken slightly longer to "get". A great way to show how a fitting pic helps setup a story.

  12. Haha!! It would seem the term "Father Earth" may be more appropriate than "Mother Earth". :-)

  13. Oh, my. I'm impressed with how dirty you managed to make a picture like that seem.

  14. You have to be the most creative man I know. :)

  15. "You're all architecture these days." Ha, love that line!

    The Warrior Muse


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