Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bathroom Monologue: Every Argument About Racism in the Last Week, Abridged

Me: That shit he said was racist.
Rando: No it wasn't.

Me: Three of the four of them were born in the U.S. This is their country. This is their government.

Rando: It's about them being unamerican.

Me: They're criticizing the government, which the First Amendment allows them to.

Rando: They're just doing it for attention.

Me: They're doing it as part of trying to correct the vile policies of a government they were elected to serve in. This is their job. And that shit he said would still racist no matter the job of the person he said it about.

Rando: They're socialists and they hate America.

Me: Not all of them are avowed socialists, and I don't hear you addressing the racism shit.

Rando: Socialism has never worked anywhere.

Me: It's worked pretty darned well in Europe. Socialism is why their healthcare is better and less costly than ours. Do you know how many people go bankrupt and die in America thanks to capitalist-driven healthcare?

Rando: Europe's not socialist. Communism is socialism.

Me: So is the local library and fire department.

Rando: That's not socialism. China is socialism. Do you know how much worse it is there?

Me: You keep using these straw men instead of addressing anything the Squad of Four have said, and you still haven't addressed the racism problem.

Rando: All I do is debate policy. You want everything to be about race.

Me: It's both race and policy to throw kids in concentration camps like this. Kids are dying. That's the sort of thing the Squad of Four are furious about. Are you really in favor of that?

Rando: That's the fault of their parents. They shouldn't break the law.

Me: It's not against the law to apply for asylum.

Rando: They should apply for asylum while in another country.

Me: That's not how applying for asylum works. And you still haven't copped to being wrong about the racism, socialism, or the concentration camps.

Rando: Calling people racists just makes them racist. You made them racist.

Me: Trump was racist when he put kids in concentration camps, and before that when he kicked off his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists, and before that when he demanded the only black president's birth certificate, and before that when he tried to force the death penalty for the Central Park Five, and before that when he excluded minorities from his housing projects. The only person who made that guy a racist was himself. And despite my answering every question you've asked, and responding to every weirdo statement you've made, you haven't acknowledged being factually wrong once. Has my spending hours of time talking to you changed your mind in any way? Will you at least be less aggressive and dismissive the next time you jump into someone's mentions?

Rando: Snowflake.

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