Friday, September 5, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: That Urban Legend

Jennifer drove closer to the edge of the road, but the semi wouldn’t pass. It kept flashing its brights and blaring that awful horn. She slowed, hoping it would speed up and pass. It didn’t. Instead, he rolled down his window and waved frantically at her.

Cursing, she pulled into the breakdown lane – but the truck pulled off after her. Immediately the driver jumped out of his cab.

She didn’t wait for him. She took off.

Still, half a minute later the truck was back behind her, its brights flooding her tiny car. She trembled and shouted out the driver’s side window for him to leave her alone, but he kept pointing to something in the back of her car. Was he nuts?

“Just go away!” she cried at the truck.

The driver responded with something like, “Look out! He’s in the back seat!”

Finally Jennifer swerved off the road at too high a speed for the truck to follow. It went barreling down the freeway. When it was out of sight, she let out a slow breath of relief.

“Are you okay, Uncle Frank?” she asked to the back seat.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Wonder what got into that guy.” Her hulking uncle adjusted some of the junk on his lap, moving the axe from his right to his left shoulder. The back seat was strewn with gardening equipment.

“Thanks again for helping move, darling.”

“No problem, Uncle Frankie.”

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