Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Sixty-Second Writing Challenge, writing about the word “Wanted.”

Wanted: a woman who won't cheat on me. Laundry skills a plus. Mac and cheese skills a plus. And I don't mean just boiling the stuff and dumping in the powder. I'm looking for an al dente kind of woman. Knowing however you spell “al dente” is a plus. No fat chicks.


  1. Can the skinny chick fold laundry, stir daunting macaroni, and do the Macarena all at once?

    You need an Obama 'Yes, she can' type to answer that question.

  2. So you won't be letting her eat own macaroni and cheese then?

  3. Okay, more seriously, let me take up the challenge. The clock starts ... now.

    I wanted to be taller. I wanted to be thinner. I wanted to by shorter. I wanted to be fatter. All my life I've wanted the things I didn't have, yet if you take the sum of that lifetime of wants, what do you get? Nothing. They all cancel each other out.

    That was 59 seconds, but I guess it counts. Fun! Thanks.


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